We offer the following coatings;
PVA(Water Based)
PIXIEPRO Super Universal - A matt finish contractors coating excellent for first coat both interior and exterior.
PIXIEPRO Super Acrylic - A matt finish high coating, the unique formula is designed for exterior walls and interior walls.
PIXIEPRO Pure Matt - Use for interior and exterior walls for ceiling, it's a pure matt.
PIXIEPROMidsheen - A super interior and exterior coating presently allow sheen excellent protection from stains and dirt's, it's washable.
PIXIEPRO Velvet Silk - A premium high sheen.
PIXIEPRO PixieTex - textured coating designed for exterior walls to cover a hairline cracks.
PIXIEPRO Plaster Primer - For new interior/ exterior plaster walls with good coverage.
PIXIEPRO Single Coat Acrylic - A single coat acrylic paint that can be applied directly on to cement building blocks, plastered walls and cement bricks for interior and exterior use. This paint can be used for low cost housing.
PIXIEPRO Universal Undercoat - Undercoat used as a general purpose undercoat on previously painted or suitable plaster primer, wood and metal. Aids in the adhesion between an existing solvent based primer and topcoat and a water based topcoat. 

PIXIEPRO Plaster Primer - Solvent based primer for masonry and gypsum. It is a primer coat on interior and exterior cement plaster.  

PIXIEPRO Gloss Enamel - High gloss enamel which gives a long lasting gloss fin and exterior surface.
PIXIEPROVarnish - Shiny coating that's applied on wood, metal or other and  when dried clear, It  gives a glossy look and protects the surface.
PIXIEPRO Non Drip - t's a non drip polyurethane satin enamel and is used for skirting; trimming and wood.
PIXIEPRO Eggshell - Paint that has a slight matt finish that protects the walls against moisture.
PIXIEPRO Epoxy - To be used on floors as a decorative paint or industrial environment e.g. factories and hospitals etc.